Being a housekeeper can be quite the challenge. Tasked with keeping the home in tip top shape, housekeepers are often also responsible for so much more than cooking and cleaning. Housekeepers can be employed within the home, but can also find work in other establishments. The versatility of this role can therefore lead to it garnering a real sense of accomplishment, wherever the individual is employed. Housekeepers can clearly see the results of their work laid out in front of them, giving them reason to take pride in a job well done. Professionalism, credibility and experience all contribute to a solid housekeeper’s resume.


Individuals who are interested in being a housekeeper in the professional world have plenty of options. Assisted living facilities, private homes, hotels and resorts, cruise ships, office buildings, and many other industries routinely employ professional housekeepers to provide general maintenance, organization and cleanliness for their businesses.

Impressive statements on a housekeeping resume may include:

  • “Offer 20 years of experience as a homemaker, successfully creating many welcoming, comfortable and clean environments.”
  • “Maintain confidence in cleaning skills and present organizational acumen to maintain orderly and well-groomed homes.”

Tips for writing a resume for a housekeeping position:

  • Include a summary at the top of your resume.
  • Be sure to describe your experience with housekeeping responsibilities, duties and skills.
  • Note your achievements, and when possible, deliver precise results (i.e. Proudly led the assisted living facility to maintain an A rating for all 7 years of employment.)
  • Use reverse chronological order to list your housekeeping experience.

While specific jobs, roles, and careers require unique skillsets, there are a handful of tips that can benefit most resumes:

  • Never go back more than 10 to 12 years when narrating the description of your career history.
  • Individuals over 45 years old should remove information pertaining to school graduation or any other indications of age.
  • If you feel that your home location may deter an employer from hiring you, refrain from putting a house address at the top of the resume. Instead, simply list your name and an email address.
  • Scenarios in which listing your home address may be detrimental include:
      • The potential employer is concerned about your commute time.
      • The potential employer has preconceived notions about your neighborhood that could hinder your employment opportunities.
  • When possible, do your best to keep your resume under two pages. Exceptions include:
      • if you are over 60 years old and critical achievements are early on in your career history
      • if you have extensive experience and feel that listing a good portion of it would improve your chances for hire

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