Resumes offer Human Resource managers an explanation of your job history and work experience. A professionally written resume can determine whether or not you get an interview. Although the basics of writing a resume have stayed much the same for decades, technology has changed how potential employees search for, apply for, and interview for jobs. Knowing the current practices will put you ahead of the rest in the applicant pool.

Resumes for Today’s Employees

Are you looking for your next position? You’re not alone, so you want your resume to stand out. To help, here are some rules to remember.


Review Other Resumes for Ideas

Before you begin, take time to do some research. See how others describe their skills and experience. Look for samples from people with similar job titles as yours, and then those with jobs you’d like to have. Eliminate overused phrases and find a stronger way to describe your own credentials.

If you’re changing industries, this will also help you understand the proper internal language. Be sure to include experience that is relevant and transferable on your resume, even if it isn’t directly related to the position you want. You may want to find a resume from someone with a similar background as yours to give you ideas in explaining your interest in changing careers in a more persuasive way.

Don’t Get Too Wordy

The average resume is one to two pages long, so it’s best to only include essential information. Potential employers will scan a resume for about 15 seconds before moving on. They need to understand your experience immediately, so if you write dense paragraphs, they’ll never read it.


For example:

  • Too wordy: “By identifying significant inefficiencies, expert budget management skills and diligent research abilities were applied to reduce departmental expenses by 20%.”
  • Better: “Eliminated inefficiencies and saved departmental costs by 20%.”

Don’t worry – you’ll be given an opportunity to expand on your accomplishments during the interview.

Quantify Accomplishments

Help managers realize the potential impact you could have on their company. Use data and numbers on your resume to explain your achievements. This can boost your credibility and add clear details to your resume. For example, it’s much better to state that you “increased sales growth year-over-year by 76% and hired four additional staff”, rather than to say that you “improved sales and grew staff by using strategic marketing.”

A single spelling error or typo is enough to get your resume tossed out. Your resume reflects you, so go over it word-by-word. It’s always a good idea to ask a family member, friend, or trusted co-worker to read your resume before you send it out. Every time you make changes on your resume (for different job applications), you must proofread it again.

Writing a basic resume is simple, but writing an outstanding resume that will land your dream job is difficult. A strong resume showcases your experience and strengths, and piques the interest of the hiring manager. USA Resume has certified and highly skilled writers who can help you generate a winning resume. They are also certified Career Coaches, adding immeasurable value through their knowledge and expertise.

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