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Sample Resume for Janitor and Maintenance Roles

Peter Smith

Houston, TX 77002 | Cell: 832-906-0646


Janitor | Maintenance Specialist

Hardworking, detailed and service-oriented janitor with supervisory skills and prior experience in handling a wide array of janitor roles and building maintenance. Highly recommended by previous superiors in addition to always fostering positive relationships with fellow staff members and members of the public. Consistently maintain a friendly demeanor.

Work proficiencies

  • Maintaining floors: vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, polishing, scrubbing and waxing
  • Maintaining restrooms, including sanitizing
  • Handling basic repairs of facilities
  • Basic maintenance of janitor’s closets


ABC Texas School | Janitor, 2015 to present
Provide upkeep of facilities and other related maintenance roles on buildings throughout the entire campus. Work with other staff members to manage classrooms, restrooms, auditorium, offices, gymnasium, cafeteria and library.

Key Contributions

  • Help develop cleaning checklists to prepare a standard set of activities to be performed by every janitorial staff member.
  • Regularly perform inventory checks to ensure the consistent restocking of equipment.
  • Handle teardowns of school events such as award ceremonies, open houses, and more.
  • Manage facilities to ensure compliance with state, county and local safety codes.


Janitorial Training/ Certifications (i.e. C.C.T.)

  • Do you know what the job scope of a janitor/maintenance role entails?
  • Do you have prior professional experience in a janitor/maintenance role?
    • If yes, share the most challenging situations you’ve encountered and how you handled it.
  • Are you patient enough to work with the different personalities you may encounter on the job?
  • Do you know how often cleaning equipment needs to be maintained?
  • How do you stay motivated to perform your best work while doing repetitive tasks on a daily basis?
  • How have you gone above and beyond your designated job scope?
  • How would you handle an abusive encounter with the public?
  • Scenario: After you have just finished cleaning the floor, several individuals decide to walk on it. What would you do?
  • How can we be sure that you are the best candidate for this role?


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