While many may think that marketing and marketing sales are one and the same, the truth is that they are very unique positions. General marketing involves the process of spinning a topic in such a way that persuades others to be interested in certain goods or services. Sales involves certain activities that drive individuals or entities to purchase goods and services. In their efforts to sway people towards purchasing products or services, salespeople partake in a lot of face-to-face communication. While the two are often used in conjunction with one another, they are not the same.

Regardless of whether you choose marketing or marketing sales as a career, the best way to secure an interview is with a carefully crafted resume by USA Resume.

What to Know About Marketing Sales Resumes

Individuals looking to pursue a career in marketing sales should concentrate their efforts in a specific direction. They should highlight the most impressive aspects of their experience to showcase how their work has contributed to an overall improvement in sales. When drafting a marketing sales resume, consider the following:

  • Your ability to think outside the box should be exhibited in your layout
  • Your ability to showcase how you’ve created new marketing opportunities
  • Your ample experiences and abilities
  • Your ability to create and implement effective strategies for sales departments

The following questions may be asked during an interview for a position in marketing sales:

  • Between closing the deal or strong product visibility, which do you feel is more important? These pretty much go hand-in-hand, regardless of your interest in marketing or marketing sales. Convey to your interviewer that you have an appreciation for the balance between the two. Emphasize the fact that you want to bring your prospective employer’s reputation for working hard to the forefront.
  • Why do you want to work here? What do you know about our company? Hopefully, you’ve researched the company you’re applying with. If not, do so immediately. What the interviewer is looking for is that you have a solid understanding of the company’s approach to marketing and selling. Concentrate on why you like their marketing tactics, why you like their products or services, or the positive aspects of their sales record.
  • How are you at handling rejection? They ask this because these types of sales positions often encounter a significant amount of rejection. Your interviewer will want to know how you deal with it, but more importantly, how you’ll bounce back. Are you discouraged by rejection? Angry at those who reject you? Do you try to argue with people? Carefully weigh your answer and try to position it in the most favorable way possible.

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