People go into nursing for a number of reasons, but one resounding theme is the desire to help others. Challenging yet interesting, nursing is an honorable profession that involves a variety of skills beyond the medical field. In order to make patient care a priority, nurses must exude both expertise and empathy. They need to possess medical knowledge, but also have the interpersonal skills to appeal to a wide variety of patients. If you’re looking to get hired as a nurse and need a resume to help you stand out from the pack, USA Resume is here to help. Our professional team can bring you the most impressive resume/CV to land the job of your dreams.

Resumes for Nurses

Becoming a certified nurse is hard work. That work should be recognized with the opportunity to get hired at a reputable hospital or nursing facility. To do so, you’ll need an impressive resume. While some elements of a nursing resume must include the general foundations of any professional resume, it must also include highly technical and specialized details, as laid out below.

  • Organization is key. Make sure that the format and structure of your resume is easy to take in and consistent. Pay special attention to spacing and borders, bullets, margins, length, etc.
  • Introduce yourself. Tell the reader who you are (education and background experience) and what you’re looking for (how you will benefit their team and what you are interested in).
  • Focus on your achievements.
  • Highlight any special skills; for example, if you are bilingual, this is a good place to mention it.
  • Use keyword optimization.
  • Review your resume before you send it out. Look it over carefully, walk away, look it over again, let it sit for a while, and look it over one more time before you send it out the door.

When writing a resume, there are many things to keep in mind. Resumes geared toward specific jobs, careers, skills, positions, etc., have precise information pertaining to each, but there are some general tips that can be applied towards all. These include:

  • Never go back more than 10 to 12 years in the descriptive narrative of career history.
  • If you’re over 45, take off dates that apply to graduations and anything else that hints at how old you are.
  • If you feel that your home location may deter an employer from hiring you, do not put your house address at the top of the resume. Rather, simply put your name and an email address. You can talk about the drive to work after they decide to interview you. Here are two reasons that your address might hurt you: 1) your employer may feel that your drive to and from work is too long; 2) you may live in a neighborhood that is considered “questionable”, and an employer may have preconceived notions regarding such.
  • Try, whenever possible, to keep your resume within two pages. The following would be possible exceptions: 1) if you have extensive experience and feel that it would improve your chances for hire; 2) if you are over 60.

With an extensive background developing industry-specific resumes, the writers at USA Resume are certified and highly educated. They are also certified career coaches, adding immeasurable value through knowledge and expertise. Some of the services USA Resume offers include:

  • Professional Cover Letters
  • Custom-Tailored Resumes
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • A Review of Existing Resumes for Areas of Needed Improvement

The best thing to do when you need an impressively written resume for a professional nursing position is to reach out to USA Resume. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more.