A great resume needs a strong start. First impressions matter, especially when it comes to getting hired for a new job. Employers receive many resumes each day, making them extremely busy people. This makes it even more important for your resume to stand out. Below, we’ll break down 5 simple ways to help your resume shine a light on your most impressive features and show hiring managers why they need you.

Be Authentic

While it may be worthwhile to reference other resumes for formatting ideas, be careful not to copy anyone else’s language. Your goal is to express your true self and write a resume that reflects your unique personality, skills, and abilities.

Your life experiences and talents are your own; use your resume to capture what makes you distinctively valuable.

Let Go of Arbitrary Rules

There are plenty of “resume writing rules” you may find when scouring the internet. For example, one rule you may have heard is to limit your resume to one page.

While some people abide by it, that “rule” is not a rule at all. Staying concise and including only relevant information is important but limiting your resume to a single page when it makes more sense for it to be longer is unnecessary. Carefully select the most relevant skills, qualifications, talents, and experiences that will show a recruiter why you are a great fit for the position for which you are applying. Depending on the amount of experience you have and your credentials, this may mean that your resume ends up being longer than one page.

Emphasize Value

When writing a resume, make sure to include that shows why you are valuable. Ask yourself what are the experiences, skillsets and character traits that will make you an indispensable and valuable employee to the organization. This is the core of your resume that will compel employers to hire you.

Show Instead of Tell

Rather than listing the various traits you have that may fit the job for which you are applying, show your potential employer your abilities. Demonstrate them through past experiences on your resume.

Have References

Providing your future employer with references can be a great way to show that you are the right choice for the job. Testimonials can be found on your LinkedIn page or in reference letters. Include your referrer’s name and position to amplify credibility.

USA Resume Can Help You Build an Impressive Resume

Know your worth and show your value with an impressive resume. If you are trying to write your resume but are unsure of where to start, USA Resume can help. We will work with you to craft an impressive resume that may help you land the job of your dreams.

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