The first two things everyone needs when applying for a job are an impressive resume and an engaging cover letter to go with it. Every cover letter should be specific to the position for which you are applying.

If just the thought of writing a cover letter is intimidating, you are not alone. Many people find it daunting to draft a cover letter from scratch. Even more challenging is developing new and creative ways to position yourself in each cover letter. That said, it is still important to include a cover letter with all job applications. An average of 51% of all potential employers will not even consider a resume if it doesn’t have an accompanying cover letter.

Make Writing a Cover Letter Easy

Many people find writing a cover letter to be the hardest part of the job search. Some people get writer’s block, while others have difficulty thinking of new ways to sell their skills. A Cover Letter Builder can do the hard work for you. Cover Letter Builders offer text and keyword suggestions to help you draft and write a cover letter in no time.

Regardless of how many custom letters you must write, using a Cover Letter Builder will make the process faster and easier. As you compose your letter, beautifully designed templates automatically create the formatting. Built-in grammar and spell checks also ensure that your letter is free from errors, keeping it perfect every time.

Building a Cover Letter in Three Steps

A Cover Letter Builder streamlines the process of creating a professional-looking and well-written cover letter in just a few easy steps:

Step 1: Answer a few questions about the position you are seeking and fill in your contact information.

Step 2: The Cover Letter Builder will suggest keywords and phrases that describe you clearly and accurately. This helps you stand out from other applicants. Use the suggestions as they are, or customize them to match the job posting.

Step 3: Choose your design layout.

It is that simple.

Cover Letters for Other Professional Scenarios

Cover letters are most often used for job applications, but they can also be used in other professional settings, including:

  • Career Change Letter

Explaining why you want to make a career change with a well-written cover letter can be helpful for validating your decision. Adding details about your transferable skills can help show potential employers how you will be able to transition into this new role.

  • Relocation Cover Letter

An impressive cover letter can reassure potential employers that your plan to relocate to a new city is a well thought out, serious decision. If your change of location is for better job opportunities, give a convincing reason why you are moving, such as a better lifestyle, being closer to family, or a stronger economy. Give the employer an approximate date as to when you expect to be there. (“I will be in town by the end of October” or “I will be moving after I graduate in the spring.”, etc.)

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