As the go-to social media site for professionals, LinkedIn serves many purposes. Some people are on LinkedIn to land a new job, while others are there to inspire, share content, and make connections. Regardless of the reason, having an impressive LinkedIn Summary can be your ticket to professional success.

The summary on LinkedIn is the first thing visitors see after your profile headline. This is your opportunity make a lasting impression. Use the tips below to be creative and unique so you can nail your LinkedIn summary.

Use First Person

While some people on LinkedIn write about themselves in the third person, we advise using first person. Not only does third person read strangely, but it also creates an unnecessary additional boundary between the visitor and the profile. If your purpose is to make connections with others on LinkedIn, writing your summary in first person will make you appear more approachable and accessible.

Include Unique Work Style and Personality

Workplace dynamics have changed in recent years. In addition to advances in technology, today’s workplace places an emphasis on leadership and communication. Ensuring that yours aligns with that of the company culture is pivotal for a successful hire.

The first thing to do is to know yourself. Do you work best in teams or solo? Do you rise up to challenges or prefer a slower, more methodical pace of work? These are neither good nor bad, but they are indicative of how you work. Mentioning them in your summary will help align you with a company that matches your work style, saving both you and potential employers time and effort.

Express Passion for Your Job and Industry

People who are passionate about what they do thrive because they strive to produce better results. Employers seek out passion as an indicator that you are you committed to a successful career. Show genuine excitement and enthusiasm by staying up to date on what is happening in your industry.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Resumes alone no longer provide enough insight for successful job recruitment in today’s digital world. Your online presence speaks volumes and can even lead to a job offer. Many employers are known to poach viable employees from other companies on LinkedIn. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is an easy way to ensure that potential employers have all the information they need when reviewing your professional expertise.

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