Resumes are like first impressions. They are your first opportunity to show a potential employer your relevant skillsets and the experience you have that make you the best fit for a position. A bad resume, however, could also leave a negative lasting impression. Send in a resume free from errors and you will impress recruiters the first time around.

Omit the Objective in Your Resume

Career coaches used to advise students seeking their first job to write an objective such as “Find an entry-level position in sales” on their resumes. This, however, is now outdated advice. Career transition coach and resume writer Wendi Weiner says that one of the biggest errors she sees is people replacing a professional summary with an objective on their resumes.

Instead of stating an objective, write a professional summary to show recruiters why they should hire you. Include relevant experience and skillsets you can offer in that position. Think of your professional summary is an introduction to yourself and use it to entice employers to learn more.

Show Instead of Tell

It is important to recount an impressive skill set but providing evidence to back it up will gain you credibility in the eyes of recruiters. Use catchy buzzwords like leadership, experienced, passionate, specialized, strategic, and enthusiastic in a way that shows how you utilize certain skills.

One approach to consider is the STAR method: provide the situation, task, action and the results of what you have been involved in. Remember to include metrics, percentages, or any other numbers that could quantify your accomplishments.

Customize Your Resume

Resumes are not one size fits all solutions. While it may be tempting to use a generic resume for every job to which you apply, customizing it will make your resume more personal and individualized toward the job at hand. It may not be necessary to entirely rewrite the resume; simply tailor it to the job posting based on certain keywords and industry terms that might appear in the job description.

Include Relevant Social Media Links

When done correctly, social media can add value to your resume. Enhance your professional portfolio by linking relevant social media sites such as your LinkedIn URL. Make sure your profile is updated and has references from previous colleagues or managers. Including a link to your updated profile can add credibility to your application through endorsements of your skills and recommendations. Additionally, it may provide recruiters with insight into your values and personality.

USA Resume Can Help Build Your Resume

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