What is a Resume Mill

If you have searched online for a resume service provider, you’ve probably already seen it. The resume mill! Resume mills are high volume, low-budget and low quality resume writing services often fulfilled overseas in foreign countries. Unfortunately, resume mills have been successful in their mission to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. They’ve delivered disappointment and empty promises to customers hoping to find success in achieving their career goals. Resume mills have been successful because of their attractive marketing which often includes supposed ‘professional’ resumes at an extremely low cost.

Resume mills are intentional in their targeting of nervous job seekers hoping for any advantage in their career search. They leverage a desperate or passionate situation to make a quick sale, with no intention on actually providing a beneficial service for their customers. Have you been thinking of trusting a cheap resume mill for your resume? Think again. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t trust a resume mill.

The Product is Surface Level and Inaccurate

Certified Professional Resume Writers are individuals who have invested in education and certifications to help others improve their lives by crafting expert resumes guaranteed to make a difference in the customer’s life. Unfortunately, resume mills don’t employ such people. Resume mills will frequently ask for an informational form to be completed. They won’t contact you personally. They won’t seek to understand your background and where you want to go. They will simply create a generic resume based on the information you input into the form. Does that sound like a service that will help you in your career search?

We didn’t think so either. If you have used a resume mill tp create your resume, it’s time to look for a real solution - something that actually works. A legitimate professional resume writing service will conduct an in-depth phone interview addressing your career history and accomplishments, and will take time to understand your career goals and how they can help you reach them. 

They Don’t Employ Certified Writers

A resume mill has on primary focus - volume. Their goal is to process as many resumes as possible in a day and collect on them all promptly. The quality of the resume isn’t a priority area of concern for them. For this reason, they hire writers without certifications to cut and paste together generic resumes. Additionally, the writers are often from other countries that do not have English as a primary language. This can lead to sentences that don’t make proper sense, or use of strange adjectives. The writers will not communicate with their customers directly in most cases, as that would show the tendency for a lack of understanding of your industry field and even your language!

A true professional resume writing service will employ Certified Professional Resume Writers with industry specific experience. Their writers will work with you one on one to create a document that no only accurately describes you, but does so with language and grammar that will make sense to a hiring manager.

They Prey on Your Emotions

A resume mill will often target individuals that are apprehensive about a particular career move or situation that they are encountering. Their promise of free or low cost services kids unsuspecting people to use their services in hopes that the end result will be a well thought out, well communicated document. Instead the most usual end result is frustration. Both because of the poor quality product and the fact that they fell for the scheme. Emotions can make you vulnerable, but a true resume company won’t leverage your emotions against you. Instead, their Career Coaches and Writers will empower and encourage you to chase your dreams!

You’re Just a Number

Again, a resume mill is in the business of volume. Volume is prioritized before people and before the resulting product. Their goal is to turn out your resume as quickly as possible so that they can start on the next. You’re just a number in their eyes - an order number. 

Finding a Good Resume Writing Service

A legitimate resume writing service will truly care for you and your needs. USA Resume, a 

leading resume provider in Houston TX is a perfect example of a resume writing service that cares for it’s clients. They employ only Certified Professional Resume Writers and Career Coaches. Their employees have put in the time to understand what makes a resume effective, how to optimize a resume for SEO, and how to ensure a resume passes automation such as the Applicant Tracking System. 

A truly beneficial resume writing service will be very personal. USA Resume’s writers conduct phone interviews with their clients in order to collect all necessary background information and to understand the goals of the client. Next, their industry specific resume writers craft a completely custom resume that is sure to open doors to those opportunities! Need more help? They also offer professional career coaching services to prepare you for the big interview!

See the difference? Bottom line - resume mills are in the business to sell you a quick product and move on to the next paying customer. A professional resume writing service is in stark contrast - they are there to support and guide you to your career goals. So, who would you rather partner with?