What Should I Expect from Resume Writing Professionals

Have you been trying your hardest to secure a job interview but keep coming up empty handed? There’s a high probability that the problem has nothing to do with you or your background. It most likely has everything to do with your resume. There are so many various forces that can impact your resume’s success in today’s job hiring environment. Your resume must get passed computer scanning software, compete with hundreds of other applicants applying online, and, most importantly, engage the hiring manager or recruiter and compel them to action.

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So how to you achieve a resume that accomplishes all of this? It’s simple. Have your resume reviewed for free by one of our certified resume writing professionals. Our resume writers are skilled in the art of crafting perfect resumes that speak to your industry and promote you in an impactful way to hiring managers. 

If you are wondering just what you should expect from resume writing professionals, we’ve taken the time to break down the process for you. You’ll understand how to pay attention to crucial details to ensure that your resume is as powerful as it can be.

Gathering Information

One of the very first steps of the process is to upload your initial information. You’ll receive a form asking you to upload your existing resume (if you have one) and complete some additional basic information about you and your career and educational history. Completing this form does not require you to be 100% accurate in grammar or spelling - this is simply a way for our writer to gather basic information for your resume.

Your Resume Interview

You will be contacted by a Customer Service Representative who will assign your individual resume writer and set up your resume interview. Your resume interview is your opportunity to speak with your resume writer over the phone and gather more specific information from you. Our writers may need more precise information about certain things you brought up on your initial form. Our writer will also take time to get to know you, your personality, and your career ambitions. They will then take that information and compile your first draft resume. You will receive a first draft copy of your resume within 3 to 5 days of your resume interview (unless you have chosen to expedite your resume). It’s always best to be responsive in a timely manner if your writer contacts you with questions or clarification. Responses that extend over a long period only slow down the process, so prompt communication is key!

Once your initial first draft is complete, you will have 7 days to take advantage of 2 rounds of revisions (or more for executive-level resume packages). You’ll want to review your first draft and take note of anything that you may want to change so that you can communicate those details with your writer. Most of our clients find that their first draft is an almost perfect document, and need only the slightest corrections made. In other cases, clients have feedback on the length, tone, or overall presentation. In either case, our writer will make revisions to ensure you have a powerful resume that you can be proud of.

Final Draft Completion

After giving your resume writer your feedback for changes, they will get to work on finalizing your documents. At this point, your writer will also complete any additional career documents you have purchased such as Cover Letters, Reference Lists, or Thank You Letters.

Get Ready for Interviews

Once you hold the final draft of your resume in your hands, you posses a powerful tool that greatly assists your job search. Your resume will be optimized for industry specific keywords that pass Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) and compel hiring managers an recruiters to learn more about you. Using your new resume, apply for jobs and watch as employers begin to reach out to you! What do you do when you get a request for an interview? Well, if you’d like some assistance, we can help you there too! Many of our professional writers are also Certified Career Coaches that can assist you with interview training and preparation!

Hiring a professional resume writing service to produce your resume is a smart investment in your future. It will ensure you have a stellar document to represent you, and free up the frustrating time you’d spend trying to create your own resume to start applying for jobs! If you are ready to start your resume project, contact us! Our professional team is waiting for your call!